A Three day training programe of Madani Ulama and Islamic Workers from India and Nepal, under the supervision of Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadeeth Hind, took place in Delhi on 18-20 October, 2011.

The Theme of the Training Programme was "Training Guide for Islamic Workers." The aim was to enrich the participants of skills and tools of dawat as well as to set in motion an action plan for the future.

Almost 100 participants of Madani Graduates and Ulama attended the programme. Inaugurating the training programme, Maulana Asghar Imam Mahadi Salafi, General Secretary, Markazi Jamiat Alhe Hadeeth Hind Said:

" Once we say that we belong to the Islamic Community, the Holy Quran will become for us the most sacred book, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) the noblest person, Tawheed the unique belief, the Kaaba the most sacred shrine, and Islam the most sacred religion".

A sense of reawakening is gaining more and more ground in the mind of the Muslims through out the Muslim society in India. Dawah movements are playing a significant role in reviving Islam and resisting godless ideas and eradicating social evils existing in the society. Some of the dawah movements have a role indeed to reform the Muslim society. Our goal of this Training Programme is to produce dynamic Islamic leaders who will pioneer social change by acquiring knowledge and wisdom, and practicing dawah with perceptiveness and communication that is convincing and effective. To achieve this goal, the Training Programme will offer a valuable opportunity that enhances commitment".

Closing his address, Maulana Asghar said: " Muslims are instructed to live in peace and harmony with the creator, themselves, their families, neighbours, society, the environment and the universe. Muslims should be the most tolerant people in the world.They have to understand that they should render their services to others without exploitation".

A number of scholars presented their deliberations related to the theme of the training Programme. Almost 28 treatises were presented by eminent Madani Ulama and scholars. While delivering his address in the closing ceremony, Sheikh Ahmad Ali Rumi (attaché Saudi Embassy New Delhi) said:Islam is the only path which can lead us to strength, dignity and a better future. It possesses the Book of Allah and Sunnah of the noble Prophet. In them we can find a complete way of life leading us, along the path of goodness, righteousness and salvation. At present, the problem is not money but vision, imagination, the capacity to think ahead of time or at least in time.

Muhammad Adeeb (M.P.) in his concluding remarks said: Muslims have not been brought into existence for nothing. There is an objective behind their creation. They have to right the wrongs through persuation, sweet reasonableness and sincere efforts. They have to make friends out of foes.

Maulana Asghar Imam Mahadi Salafi in his deliberation during concluding session said: "Strict adherence to Islam and to Islamic principles and values, as a way of life constitute the highest protection for Muslims against the dangers which confront them. Islam is the only path which can lead them to devise way to fight radicalism and reform society from social evils. In order to live peacefully, and work together with integrity and honesty, one has to recognize that they should think of their duties and responsibilities before they ask for their rights and for their privileges."

Shaikh Salahuddin Maqbool Ahmad (Kuwait) said:" Islam demands from all the Muslims to pause and take stock of their past, evaluate their present and look forward to a better future in a spirit of solidarity in order to restore the unity of their rank, and achieve an exalted position.

The Seminar came out with the declarations of which some important points are : We pledge:

* to help to formulate designs and conceptions in the field of Dawah on the basis of Holy Quran and the Sunnah to develop equibilerium and wisdom to attain moderation in features of the Muslim Ummah;

* to guide and direct the course of activities of youth and students and social workers as well as Dayya to achieve their plans and targets.

*to convey and exchange experiences to attain at least the minimum of coordination and cooperation among Islamic Workers, Organizations and Institutes;

* people have to understand that they should render their services to others without exploitation.

*to create an environment based on harmony, peace and tranquility where humans through love, sympathy, mutual understanding and help interact with one another.

* to try to unite the entire humanity into one ideological community, which is dedicated and committed to the Divine order.

*to encourage humans to live in peace and harmony, join together and cooperate with each other in good faith and good will.

*to preach that hoarding and unnecessary rise in prices, drugs, alcohol, rapes, bloodshed, terror are condemnable acts. Economic transations should be made in the larger interest of society and in judicious way.

*It is foremost duty of the Madani "Ulama to cooperate, and assist with each other and preach the human aspects of Islam to humankind. The Prophet said:" All of mankind is (like) the family of God. The dearest among them in the sight of God is the one who is the most helpful to His family (mankind)".

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