The Collective Fatwa against Daish and those of its ilk Issued by: Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadees Hind


On the occasion of National Symposium on:

Global Terrorism, Self-Declared Caliphate of Daish and Islam's Message of Peace"
on Sunday, 15 February, 2015 at AhleHadees Complex, D-254, Abul Fazl Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi-25.

Question: What's the opinion of the Ulama and Muftis on the following:
1. Despite the fact that Islam is a religion of peace and harmony and there is no provision of any kind of violence, extremism and terrorism, the continuing events and activities of terrorism in different countries, including India, are being linked to Islam and Muslims. However, Islam and its representatives, the elder Islamic scholars, have declared the terrorism haraam (prohibited), and about ten years ago Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadees Hind had issued an anti-terrorism fatwa, signed by about three dozen ulema. Afterwards, some more organizations too released fatwa upon it, after getting guidance from it. Despite this all, such allegations are made against Muslims. Therefore, the question is whether reply to terrorism can be given by terrorism itself as a reaction as some people commit it through self-suicide attacks? What's the directive in Shariah?

2. Today the Daish and others like it, the so-called organizations, claiming to establish the Islamic caliphate, which have created a reign of terror in different countries, raised weapons against the government and people, attacking upon the innocent men, women and children, and as a result of which the peace and harmony of the country and its people have been badly affected. Thousands of people have lost their lives in these attacks so far. Properties have been damaged and fear and terror pose a threat to the people's life and property, families, and associates. Then is it correct as per Shariah for Daish and others of its ilk in the name of the so-called caliphate to try to take into own hands the peace and law and order, to explode bombs on the main streets and other places, to destroy the public and private properties and military installations, to hijack the planes, to kill tourists, media-persons and foreign employees, to make the nurses hostages or kill them, to attack upon non-abiding hijabwomen, educational institutions, offices of the newspapers and news channels and embassies, to provoke the people against the government and disturb the peace and harmony of the country?
Please reply to these important and sensitive issues in the light of the Holy Quran and Sunnah. We would feel obliged in the name of Allah and the people.
---------Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadees Hind
14 February, 2015
Reply By Top Ahle Hadees Muftis and Ulema

Islam, granted by the creator of the entire universe, is, undoubtedly, a religion of peace and harmony. And, it is a blessing for the whole world. There is no provision of any kind of terrorism under Islam. The religion, based upon the modest and balanced thinking, has always paid attention to the humankind's greatness and played a commendable role in establishing peace and harmony. The religion based upon the great principle of inflicting no harm to anybody has always discouraged the elements causing chaos and disquiet in the society. Allah T'ala is unbound mercy-giver and its last Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, was sent as a mercy for the whole world. His teachings are free of terrorism and full of mercy. Islam calls for moderate and balanced thinking, mutual brotherhood, human bond and rig hts of neighbours and human beings, irrespective of any school of thought and community and emphasizes upon rights to the servants of Allah along with rights to Allah. Atrocities and excesses as well as killing and destruction are the greatest atrocity and sin. Allah T'ala says:
"He, who kills any innocent person, is killer of the entire humanity and he, who saves anybody, is like a person who saves the entire humanity." (Al Quran Surah Al Maida: 32)
Islam teaches that at the time of even war the children, women and old and the worshippers, priests, confined in their places of worships should not be killed. Even gardens should not be cut, neither agricultural farms burnt, nor animals killed. Our beloved Prophet, peace be upon him, once said: a noble lady went into the hell because a cat she had tied hungry and thirsty, had died. And, a sinful person who had made available water taking out from a well to a thirsty dog, entered into the heaven.
"There is no provision under the Islamic system of justice that revenge of the fault of a person is taken from the other person." (Al Quran Surah Al Inam: 164)
"It is the responsibility of the government and Muslims to provide security and protection to the non-Muslims residing under the Islamic government. Those killing them can't go to the heaven." (Hadees Sahih Bukhari)
Similarly, even disbelievers living in the situation out of war can also be not inflicted harm. Imam Ibn Qadama says: "There is no difference of opinion among the scholars of Islam that killing of an innocent person is haraam (Not allowed)
Imam Ibn Timiyya and Imam Nauvi say: "Kufr (Disbelief) and Shirk (Polytheism) are the greatest sins and afterwards, comes the killing of the innocent ".
Hafiz Ibn Hajar says: "When the uncalled for killing of animals is not allowed, how can the killing of innocent persons be allowed." (Fatahul Bari)
Hazrat Abdullah Bin Umar (Be Allah pleases with him) says: "The sheer of killing wherefrom coming out is not possible, is, unquestioningly, blood-letting."
Therefore, certain organizations' effort to take the law and order of the country into own hands, to bombard and explode at the main streets and other places, to destroy government and individual as well as military weapons, to hijack planes, to make foreign employees and nurses hostage, to attack upon the women not wearing hijab and offices of the newspapers and news channels and embassies, to provoke the people against the government and strive to disturb peace and harmony, is not allowed by Shariah. There are conditions and regulations to order for good work and refute those refusing in Shariah and everybody is not bound to interpret it and Shariah has fixed limitations like all the affairs, not sticking to those mischief and riots occur and blood-letting and disquiet are created.
Unfortunately, some such organizations have come into being in modern period, which taking the name of Islam, are becoming problem for the Muslims of the world. Presently, organizations like Daish are tarnishing the image of Islam and Muslims and inflicting harm to them. Their moves don't conform to the teachings of Islam in any way. What acts they are committing, are completely prohibited by Islam, and is a terrorism, and their self-declared claim to caliphate and Islamic State is false and quite contrary to the concept of Islamic Caliphate. There is found in it neither conditions, nor demands for establishing the caliphate. Therefore, Holy Place Makkah's Grand Mufti and Saudi Supreme Ulema Council chief Allama Abdul Aziz Ben Abdullah says that Daish and organizations like it don't represent Islam.
Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Ben Hammad Al Ibaad, Sheikh Mohammed Al Munjad and other authentic Ulema have in clear terms said that these people are out of the pale of Islam. In the past also they have defamed Islam by their thoughts and deeds and what they are terming Jihad, is a fitna (a wrong act) and terrorism. Because Jihad has got some principles and conditions which they neither follow, nor are authorized. So, Islamic caliphate has got some principles and conditions without sticking to those nobody can become a caliph and nobody is authorized to use the prestigious title of Ameerul Momeneen for such atrocious and cruel person.
What acts Daish and likewise organizations are committing, hearing its news and seeing its photographs entire humanity gets scared and shouts at. The violence, atrocity, excess, killing and hanging and beheading, destruction, eliminating the peace-loving citizens of the country after kidnapping them, are such acts which can't be justified with the animals, what to talk of the humans and which are being committed wearing the dress of caliphate in the name of Islam seems to be the result of the anti-Islam forces and a deep conspiracy of the killers of the humanity.
It is a matter of concern that some simple persons justify it as a reaction to the atrocities and excesses upon Muslims and others which is, no doubt, lack of knowledge and understanding. In Islam to take revenge of one's sin by killing and damaging other innocent persons, is not allowed which is obvious by the above mentioned verses of the Holy Quran, Prophet's sayings and quotations of divine personalities.
In addition to it, we have got the exemplary practice of Hazrat Khubaib Ben Adi that when a woman was scared seeing the razor in their hands in the prison and felt threatened whether neck of my child is not cut with this razor. Hazrat Khubaib felt the restlessness of the woman and said to end her terror that we Muslims don't kill the innocent children and handed over the child to the mother. However, preparations to hang him and make his children orphans and wife widow from their family members had already been made.
Daish is such an organization which has come into existence to weaken the Islamic forces, spread confusion and chaos in the lines of the Muslims, tarnish the image of Islam in the eyes of the world and distract the world from the humanity-loving divine ideology. This is surely a threat to human world and leads to the decline of the Muslim Ummah.
Therefore, such organizations are terrorists and condemnable and to support and cooperate them is not allowed by Shariah. It is the religious and moral duty of the conscious persons of the Muslim Ummah that they should inform the world of its threats and strive to prevent the Muslim youth, if any, from supporting Daish and those of its ilk, in any form.

Signed by Ulama and Mufties :


The Collective Fatwa against Daish and those of its ilk