Maktaba Tarjuman, a publication division of Markazi Jamiate Ahle Hadeeth has reprinted the following books in 2007:

1. Tafseer Ahsanul Bayan (Urdu)

2. Tarjuma Thanaee (Translation of Holy Quran) in Hindi

3. Reyazus Saliheen (Bengali)

4. Bukhari Shareef (Urdu)

5. Chamane Islam (I – IV) several editions

Jamiat Ahle Hadeeth, Hind is predominantly a da’wa and reformation movement which is struggling to wipe out the non-Islamic concepts and tradition that have crept into the Aqeeda of the Muslim community and replace it with the pure Islamic monotheism and culture. It has been playing an active role in correcting the Aqeeda of the believers for more than one and half century. Publication is one of the crucial means for an ideological organization to spread its ideas. Therefore the Jamiat had set up publication department since from the very beginning. It has contributed in Urdu language precious books on Islamic beliefs, history, ibaadat, comparative studies on different madhahib (Islamic schools of thoughts) in Islam and other issues related to Muslims and Islam in general. Beside Urdu, it has been publishing books in English, Arabic and Hindi as well. Due to pressing demand of Islamic books, the last five years saw a stupendous increase in the publication of books on the part of the Jamiat and some of them are research works which are significant for reference purposes. Many important books were also translated and published in Urdu, English and Hindi languages. Here is a bird-eye view of some of the publications that Markazi Jamiat has revived.

The Collective Fatwa against Daish and those of its ilk